Time for change!

After 10 years in business, it was time for BA Academy to make a few changes. Some changes are cosmetic – like our new website; while other changes are transformational – like our new course options and delivery methods. BA Academy has been delivering virtual classes since 2009 – before many instructors were willing to take the leap of faith into the virtual delivery market.  Now with over 10 years of virtual instruction experience – Laura Paton is taking advantage of some of the best that digital has to offer the professional training market.

It’s called ‘Any Time, Anywhere’ learning which simply means you can now learn anywhere and at any time that is convenient for you. The course repository will grow over time – but some of BA Academy’s most popular courses like the BA Fundamentals 4hr/8hr courses and the PMI-PBA® Prep course is now available for you to take On-Demand.

Flexibility like you never had it before. The On-Demand platform, allows you to register when the time makes sense for you (not when some training provider has a class scheduled). The platform allows you to take training when it’s convenient – an hour before work, on your lunch hour – or maybe an hour or two on a sleepless night. L You can start and stop as often as you like. You can take and retake as often as you wish. Once you enroll – access is long term, as long as the course remains up on the site – you have access. Say goodbye to needing a week out of the office and approval for travel. Any Time Anywhere training is putting affordability back into the training budget.

You may be training on your own – but you are not alone! While students LOVE the flexibility and convenience of ‘Any Time, Anywhere’ learning, they also like the collaboration that virtual classes bring. Not to worry, because Laura holds monthly calls for prep courses and when requested can schedule 1:1 call or group calls for active students in her other courses.

You are busy – but professional development is still important. The time is right to take advantage of all the benefits that digital training platforms provide. Check out the course catalog here:  https://courses.ba.academy/

And don’t forget to register to be notified as new courses come online!

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