Episode 6 (Dave Mantica) – Likenomics and Influence: Survival Skills for the 21st Century Knowledge Worker


Relationship building is critical for all members of a product development team – but it’s especially important for project managers and business analysts because their work requires the ability to lead resources without necessarily having the positional authority over those they lead. In this podcast, I sit down with Dave Mantica VP and General Manager for Soft Ed US to talk about the intriguing concept of ‘likenomics’.

Dave teaches us about the importance of being likable and its direct connection to helping us successfully build relationships, influence, and communicate. He walks us through 5 important characteristics every project manager and business analyst should assess themselves against in order to improve their likeability factor. Dave shares that you can’t influence others and develop great relationships without being likeable and being likeable involves much more than just being nice! Listen in to find out how to improve your likeability factor.

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