Episode 3 (Jay Hicks) – Transitioning Military Veterans


Many service members have challenges associated with transitioning from the service for a variety of reasons.  Finding good jobs after the service continues to be a challenge.  Post 911 service members continue to have a higher unemployment rate than the rest of the country.

Gr8Transitions4U has developed the “Transitioning Military Book Series” that enables military personnel to map their military skills and values from the service into lucrative commercial positions through education and guidance.  Join me as I interview founder of Gr8Transitions4U and creator of the military liaison position for PMI Chapters, Jay Hicks.

Jay’s mission is to lend his support and experience helping military personnel with developing their own personal roadmaps to transition their military careers into successful commercial careers.


    – The Transitioning Military Project Manager
    – The Transitioning Military Logistician
    – The Transitioning Military IT Professional 2016
    – The Transitioning Military Cybersecurity Professional 2016
    – The Transitioning Combat Arms Professional – 2017

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