Episode 12 (Sohail Chatha) – The Critical Role of the Business Analyst on a Digital Transformation Initiative


In this podcast, I sit down with Business Analyst Specialist Sohail Chatha to talk about the very timely topic of digital transformations. Often these transformations have meager success rates, but Sohail explains how to achieve success and explains why the business analyst role is significant on these journeys.

Sohail shares how the rapid transformation of products and services is actually transforming us into the fourth industrial revolution. The speed, breadth and depth of the revolution is forcing enterprises to rethink how products are developed and how organizations create value. To get the first mover advantage, many organizations are having to adopt new ways of working and to stay relevant and competitive are re-inventing their business and operating models through (digital) transformations.

Sohail Chatha has experience in the designing and delivery of technology solutions with specialty in requirements analysis, agility, governance and process optimization by linking with data. He has worked on multiple digital transformation projects across the globe with organizations such as Nokia, Ericsson, and Huawei. Based out of picturesque Melbourne, Sohail has gained considerable exposure to the challenges of digital disruption and has developed consistent and reliable strategies to navigate through digitization chaos to achieve continuous improvement and operational excellence.

Sohail is an Agile Analysis Certified Practitioner by IIBA® and is a contributing member of their review committee working on the Business Data Analytics guide. Sohail can be contacted via LinkedIn at: https://www.linkedin.com/in/sohailchatha/

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