Course Launch – From Waterfall to Agile:
Transition Your Text Based Requirements to User Stories

Today I am launching my first course in a series of courses to help waterfall business analysts transition to agile. There has been a lot of great feedback shared about the free webinar I offered called Business Analysis: Waterfall to Agile What Does It Mean for my Role? If you didn’t get a chance to see it – and this is a topic of interest to you – you might want to check it out.

The webinar and the course series are tools – that waterfall business analysts can use to help them transition their skills to this new working environment. When I say new – obviously agile is not ‘new’ but for many business analysts it still is. We don’t often get to choose how our product teams deliver – hence for those who are working for organizations who have been slow to adopt agile, they end up feeling a bit trapped.

Agile is growing fast, and the longer we stay in our current roles working for organizations who haven’t yet transitioned – we start to feel our skills ‘aging’. But not to worry – because as I have been sharing – you’re not as late in the game as you might feel. There is still time to develop your agile skills!

Version One shares an important message in its 13th Annual State of Agile Report; they state:

“While buy-in and support for agile continues to grow, most respondents (78%) state that not all of their company’s teams have adopted agile practices, an indication that most enterprise agile adoptions are still in flight. “ 1

What great news! You aren’t out of the job market yet…but you DO need to take action because this same report stated that 26% of the survey respondents indicated more than half of their teams are agile and 22% of teams are all agile.1

Let’s face it – as a business analyst today – you will be asked to perform your work across different delivery life cycles.    You can’t afford to avoid learning how to perform business analysis on an agile project any longer.

This brings me back to my exciting announcement about my launch.

Today I have released:

Course 1: From Waterfall to Agile – How to Transition Your Text Based Requirements to User Stories

The course provides an easy to understand explanation of how your waterfall skills transition to this new delivery approach. And for the month of October – you can use the code NOT-SO-SCARY to receive 20% off!!

You can’t afford to delay transforming your waterfall skills to agile any longer as organizations are using a mix of delivery approaches – so you must retool and be prepared.

I help you break down the confusing to easy and I help you understand how to leverage what you already know to simplify your transition. Let’s work together to help you get your skills in shape for these exciting times.

Check out Camille’s podcast where she shares her experience making this transition herself: Business Agility – the Need for Business Analysts to Step Up Their Game!

Source: CollabNet VersionOne 13th annual State of Agile report 

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