Staff Acquisitions

Because the risk of project failure is high when business analysis is poorly performed, it is critical for organizations to hire the right staff, with the proper skillset and experience. It all starts with an understanding of the business need and is followed up with a clearly written job description, proper screening, and selection of the best fit for the position.

The wrong candidate in a critical project role is catastrophic. A well written job description will attract the right audience and assembling the proper interview team will ensure selection of a top candidate.

Screening for top business analysis talent requires a thorough understanding of the profession. When project resources, line managers, HR representatives, or recruiters lack a sufficient understanding of the business analysis profession but are tasked with recruiting for this critical role, the risks are high that the project will be staffed with insufficient business analysis talent.

We can help mentor your recruiters and if needed, help you learn how to write a BA job description that will attract the right-sized talent for your project.

We can provide mentoring support to train your organization in:

  • Creating BA Job Descriptions
  • Establishing BA Role Definitions/Career Paths
  • Screening BA resumes
  • Conducting BA Interviews

Mentoring support can be purchased in hour increments.

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