Process improvement

There are a number of factors to consider when developing an effective business analysis process for your projects. If your projects are consistently impacted by one or more of the following…

  • Requirements delivered late
  • Requirements efforts under estimated
  • Poorly structured or missed requirements
  • Understaffed business analysis process
  • Excessive requirements documents produced
  • Requirements not aligned with the delivered solution
  • Role confusion or task redundancy

Chances are that your currently defined business analysis activities are not meeting the needs of your projects or enterprise. A poorly established business analysis process can impose a number of risks onto your projects. Our consulting services can assist your organization in learning how best to establish a right-sized business analysis process to meet the needs of your stakeholders and projects. Oftentimes, existing processes only need minor adjustments to provide significant value back to the enterprise.

BA Practice Assessments

What is a Practice Assessment?
A process assessment is an analysis on the methods, processes, and workflow an enterprise utilizes to perform work.

What is a BA Practice Assessment?
A BA Process Assessment is an analysis of the methods, processes, workflow, templates, and techniques; an enterprise utilizes to perform business analysis. For most organizations, this is an assessment of how efficient and effective the organization is applying business analysis practices on programs and projects.

How is a BA Practice Assessment performed?
Utilizing industry proven best practices and standards that define the tasks, activities, knowledge, and skills commonly used to perform effectively in business analysis, our consultants will:

  • Educate your team on the practice assessment process
  • Work with your key stakeholders to elicit a comprehensive understanding of your current business analysis practices, processes, and tools
  • Engage with your sponsor, business analysis champions, and key stakeholders to understand the objectives your enterprise seeks to achieve for utilizing business analysis to your strategic advantage
  • Analyze the data obtained through the analysis cycle
  • Identify process gaps and develop a roadmap to help your organization improve BA performance on your programs and projects

This roadmap provides the key findings from the analysis alongside consultant’s recommended approaches for addressing the inefficiencies and process gaps within your enterprise.

Practice vs. Competency Assessment

What is the difference between a BA Practice Assessment and a BA Competency Based Assessment?

A BA Competency Based Assessment is designed to assess the skill levels/competencies of individual BA practitioners and to develop a roadmap for improving the BA skills/competencies across your enterprise.

A BA Practice Assessment is designed to review existing business analysis processes, workflow, templates, techniques, and tools for the purpose of identifying inefficiencies, failure points, areas impacting project/program failure, and developing a roadmap for improving the execution of business analysis within the enterprise.