BA Assessment Services

Our BA Assessment Services provide a powerful and proven approach to help your organization focus the investment dollars your enterprise spends on business analysis. Studies show when organizations fail to monitor critical processes; value is depleted, inefficiencies are introduced, and costs skyrocket.

By taking a proactive approach to understand the current state of your BA processes and skills coupled with our understanding of your strategy, vision, and objectives for using business analysis to your strategic advantage, we can help develop a customized and effective roadmap to help your organization succeed in business analysis.

What is a Competency Based Assessment?
A Competency Based Assessment is a process that is used to evaluate a person’s skill level and aptitude for performing a specified role.

What is a BA Competency Based Assessment?
A BA Competency Based Assessment is a process used to measure the skills and level of knowledge and understanding held by a business analysis practitioner.

How is a BA Competency Based Assessment performed?
Utilizing available industry standards that define the profession of business analysis and the competency and skills required to work proficiently as a business analyst, our consultants will:

  • Educate your team on the competency assessment process
  • Work with your individual practitioners to assess their skills through administration of interviews and surveys
  • Analyze the data obtained
  • Report both individual and enterprise wide business analysis competency levels
  • Identify skill gaps and develop a roadmap to help your organization improve individual BA competency levels

These reports are invaluable for creating a competency baseline and serve as the input for developing a process to develop and further enhance the BA skills within your enterprise.