2020 Course Launch: From Waterfall to Agile – Transitioning Your Requirements Prioritization Skills to Agile

To kick off 2020, I am launching the 2nd course in my agile transformation series – this time focused on the important skill of prioritization.  The course is titled Course 2: From Waterfall to Agile Transitioning Your Requirements Prioritization Skills to Agile.

Agile teams embrace the practice of evaluating their work based on value, which makes prioritization a critical competency for agile teams. How and when you prioritize in waterfall is very different than how and when you prioritize in agile – yet you aren’t starting from scratch as you learn to prioritize in these adaptive delivery life cycles.  Therefore, those responsible for leading the prioritization discussions in agile need to understand what practices, skills, and approaches stay the same from their waterfall days and what to adapt.

I decided to create a transitioning to Agile course series, because I meet a lot of waterfall business analysts who have a ton of anxiety about transitioning to agile. These analysts either work for organizations who have not yet tried agile, have tried agile – struggled – and hit the pause button – or say they are agile, but really aren’t. Have you had any of these experiences?

What ends up happening is that those responsible for the requirements related work end up getting confused about their role, they become intimidated believing their skills are dated, and they begin to feel lost in their own profession. My transitioning series is aimed to help practitioners realize that their years of waterfall business analysis experience is important, relevant, helpful, and a good foundation for making a transition to agile. This does not mean that you can keep doing your work in the same manner – but it does mean that you have some core fundamental skills that can lay the groundwork for you to retool and retrain to add a ton of value to your agile teams.

If you haven’t checked out my FREE webinar on transitioning to agile as a business analyst – you can register and view it here: https://courses.ba.academy/p/agile-ba

If you are interested in learning more about transitioning your skills, you can check out my first two courses in the series:

  1. Course 1 From Waterfall to Agile: How to transition your text based requirements to user stories
  2. Course 2 From Waterfall to Agile: Transitioning your requirements prioritization skills to agile

As I have shared in prior posts, research continues to show that while buy-in and support for agile continues to grow, most organizations state that not all of their teams have yet adopted agile practices. 1 This means the movement is still happening, and it’s not too late for you to tackle your learning objectives.

Start your 2020 out strong by tackling your training needs focused on developing agile skills.

You can use the code AGILE-PRIORITIZATION to receive 25% off my new course in the month of January!!

Retool and be prepared for what lies ahead in your career.

1 13th Annual State of Agile Report – 2019 CollabNet | VersionOne, 2019

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